The fight against tissue hypomobility

tickLower back pain, neck pain


tickMuscle injuries, sprains, contusions, contractures

tickMuscle and tendon recovery and preventive treatment



Freeing the tissue layers

The multi-directional 3D stretching-mobilisation action releases tension, restores mobility between the various tissue layers and oxygenates the tissue.

This results in pain relief and a wider range of mobility.


A question to:
Christophe Geoffroy,
author and sports physiotherapist,
working with the France A football team.


Having worked in top-flight football for 20 years, I am a strong advocate for respect and quality of tissue mobility. Performance, well-being, and health depend on the tissue's mobility and recovery potential.

Even though the therapist's hand listens, feels, and makes a huge contribution, it also has its limits. That is why mechanisation is sometimes necessary, especially when it combines several actions that a single hand is not able to perform.

The Fullskin, which I use regularly, works in this spirit. The rhythmic or occasional mobilisation actions it produces, combined with tissue decompression, are essential, especially when working on athletes, whose physical condition is their primary concern!’’

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