Free the movement

The unique technology that supports and enhances your manual treatments. One-handed operation, easy to handle and effective, producing immediate results on tissue quality.

They are using it

  • The Union Clinic (Dept. 31, France);
  • Salins-les-Bains Hospital (Dept. 39, France);
  • Centre Aquitain de la Main (Dept. 33, France);
  • The Gerland and
    Sauvegarde Sports Physiotherapy Centres (Dept. 69, France);
  • Besançon Hospital (Dept. 25, France);
  • Clairefontaine Training Centre (Dept. 78, France);
  • Reims Football Club (Dept. 51, France);
  • Pierre-Puget Physiotherapy Centre specialising in serious burn victims (Dept. 13, France);
  • Christophe Geoffroy, trainer and physiotherapist for the France A football team;
  • Greater Nancy thermal centre (Dept. 54, France), and more

fullskin4The FULLSKIN

100% patented mobility

The patented motorised hand tool provides a unique stretching-mobilisation action of the skin fold thanks to the rotary action of the ball heads.

The range of treatment heads and nozzles has been designed to adapt to each treatment, without movement restrictions or constraints.

In direct contact with the skin, the ball heads respect the physiology and guarantee visual control.

Work rate and intensity

The screen and keypad are easily accessible for quick and intuitive program selection, three aspiration modes: continuous, pulsed, and hyperpulsed; eight power levels from -150 to -900 mb.

Handling and user-friendliness

The aluminium casing is insulated, the filter change and maintenance access panels are easily accessible, and the unit is guided via four castor wheels and a guiding handle.

The accessory holder keeps your treatment heads and nozzles on hand at all times.


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