They are using it

  • Neufchateau Hospital (Dept. 88, France);
  • Lay St Christophe Hospital (Dept. 54, France);
  • SCM Santé Sport (Paris);
  • CRF Saint Lazare (Dept. 60, France); 
  • AND many physiotherapists in private practice all over France


dermov4A first-line treatment device, the Dermo V4 is compact, and is the ideal tool for treating adhesions and fibroses.

The Dermo V4 has a removable head so that you can transport your machine into homes or to specialist centres to facilitate your care duties.

The Dermo V4 uses the same sets of heads and nozzles as the Fullskin.

Stéphanie Métivier, Physiotherapist

quoteBecause I do exclusively manual work, the Dermo V4 fits perfectly into my daily work routine.

One-handed operation means that I stay in contact with the patient, who soon forgets that I am using a mechanical tool.

It is much easier to work on scarred and fibrosis tissue, and muscles relax more quickly (sports injuries, fibromyalgia)."


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