Carole Van Wylick, Dietician

"I have been using Activéa, a low-frequency ultrasound localised slimming system, for more than a year. During that time, I have seen amazing results in some of my patients.

In combination with a personalised prescription diet, nothing beats the
effectiveness of Activéa sessions.

I have seen how Activéa sessions and dietary monitoring together create effective synergy on the stubborn areas of the patient's figure.

The Activéa sessions activate weight loss in the patient, and dietary monitoring accelerates local slimming."

They are using it

  • Beauty Success Centres;
  • Ingrid Millet HK Centres;
  • And many other centres such as Blossom 51, Sante et Forme 21, and a number of dieticians.


activeaThe ideal slimming accessory for "hands-free" treatment targeting stubborn areas

  • Deep, gentle action on the hypodermis
  • ACTIVÉA's low-frequency ultrasound waves propagate painlessly to the core of the subcutaneous fat layer. For best results, use with a profile phyto gel.

Clinically proven effectiveness

In women

  • Up to 3.5 cm* off the hip measurement
  • Up to 2.7 cm* off the thigh measurement
  • Up to 3.4 kg weight loss

In men

  • Up to 3.8 cm* off the abdominal measurement
  • Up to 3 cm* off the hip measurement
  • Up to 2 kg weight loss

* In six weeks at the rate of two sessions a week without other treatments or special diet.

* Maximum values obtained on a subject. Clinical study carried out by Dermscan laboratories on 41 men and women over a six-week period, with two sessions per week without other treatments or special diet.


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