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Brief background

1991dot historique



dot historique 

Founding of the CFK Concepts company and manufacture of the first
Skintonic® tool, a twofold innovation:

  • Physiological ball heads for work in direct contact with skin
  • Rhythmic aspiration for fixed-point reflex work


1991-1998dot historique



dot historique

The company focuses on the French market and targets physiotherapists with its therapeutic applications.

1998 dot historique



dot historique

The company opens its export business and introduces its products on the aesthetic medicine market and then the beauty care market.

1999dot historique



dot historique

The company becomes CE Medical.

 1998-2000dot historique



dot historique

Realisation and publication of clinical observations on the effects of using the technology and its protocols on cellulite, scar tissue, and in phlebology.

  2005dot historique



dot historique

Skinexians buys CFK Concepts under the leadership of Isabelle Ventre, with the aim of bolstering and developing the technology through renewed support to the innovation policy.

 Innovation Number 1dot historique



dot historique

New, even more physiological, ball heads, particularly with the new anti-pinch system.

 Innovation Number 2dot historique



dot historique

Skinexians perfects the low-frequency ultrasound technique with Activéa, its 12 treatment plates. A first in the world of aesthetic tools: Skinexians initiates a clinical study by a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health and Research to provide proof of the technique's results and harmless nature.


 2009dot historique



dot historique

The company obtains ISO 13485 certification.

Innovation Number 3dot historique



dot historique

Skinexians industrialises a major innovation: the Joyskin, a motorised head that opens the technology up to fascia work in addition to skin and reflex work. The second motorised head on the market.

Innovation Number 4dot historique



dot historique

Birth of the Fullskin, with its first TV appearance on 16th June, travelling with Team France on their tour of South America.

2013dot historique



dot historique

Skinexians opens up its capital to support the launch of its latest innovation.

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