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The action of Skinexians technology on tissue mobility and quality supports your day-to-day work and gives you the opportunity to develop a different treatment offer according to your patient base and your therapeutic interests.

Strive for a global wellness and slimming treatment offer 

 "Even though the development of cellulite is never life-threatening, it does constitute deterioration of the individual's state of health according to WHO criteria (physical, moral, and social well-being). Hyperlipodystrophy of the lower limbs, better known as 'cellulite', affects more than 80% of the female population."

Many women suffer harm to their self-image because of cellulite. The decision to seek treatment is a cry to be relieved of this suffering, because

tick a person's appearance is their interface with society.

Deep tissue mobilisation, defibrosage, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation exchanges, drainage, improved cellular metabolism, etc. The skin regains its former suppleness, elasticity, and balance.


80% of your female patients
are affected


Dr Antoine Eid, Angiologist, Phlebologist

quote I have been using Skinexians and Activea for about two years, in the areas of lymphatic drainage and slimming. I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised as far as both applications are concerned. Patients have reported that the treatment leaves them with a real and lasting feeling of comfort (legs feel lighter). From a clinical point of view, I have observed significant resorption of lymphatic oedemas and reduced retention, including in the thighs.

The ultrasound measurements I take before treatment, during treatment, and after 12 sessions, which I do for all patients treated by this method, show a reduction in the thickness of adipose tissue after 12 treatment sessions on the hypodermis.’’

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