scar tissue adhesionScar tissue adhesions

  • Post-operative scars (shoulder, knee, hip, hands, fingers, hallux valgus, maxillofacial surgery, thyroidectomy, mastectomy)
  • Old, indurated scars
  • Effects of burn injury
  • Grade 2 and 3 muscular lesions
  • Pre- and post- aesthetic surgery

The art of restoring confidence

Deep tissue and scar tissue mobilisation by decompression releases adhesions and provides overall treatment, even for the postural effects of the scar tissue.

One hand remaining in contact and the physiological design of the treatment heads and nozzles are essential factors in patient acceptance.

Laurent Torres, Masseur-Physiotherapist

quoteI have been using Skinexians technology on a regular basis for the last decade. I like its user-friendliness, its compact size, and its reliability.

What I like most is that I stay in contact with my patients. The tool lets me choose the operating mode, in combination with manual contact, which is the very essence of our profession. I remain at the centre of the treatment; I control its parameters.

The expected results are convincing. In terms of both quality and patient satisfaction. I currently use it mainly for therapeutic applications:

scar treatment, oedema resorption, and post-operative treatment for breast cancer patients. It allows me to optimise my treatments and save time. It improves the appearance of the skin, and I have observed increased amplitude of movement in joints that have been treated.’’

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