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Suction massage, or vacuum therapy, has long been seen as an auxiliary technique reserved for unregulated treatment, but nowadays it is viewed as essential in 60% of your therapeutic treatments involving the following clinical signs: tissue hypomobility, adhesions, oedema, and venous and lymphatic insufficiency.

Technology tip:
What is suction technology?

‘‘Suction technology uses a vacuum pump to generate, regulate, and control a low-pressure air flow, in combination with contact hand tools, to associate the suction with the manual therapeutic action to promote the mobilisation of the skin structures.’’








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Didier Pasian
Physiotherapist at Salins les Bains Hospital

‘‘I am one of thirteen physiotherapists at the Centre, and we have two machines: the V4 since 2005 and the V6 since early 2013.
I am the person who uses them the most. I use the Fullskin essentially on cases of lower back pain, particularly on patients being treated in the context of the Functional Spine Restoration programme.

Thanks to this tool, patient comfort can be improved very quickly. In fact, an analgesic effect is definitely observed, along with greater ease of movement, less muscular stiffness, and fewer limitations of movement.

I have noticed a big difference between the V4 and the Fullskin. The rotation function is really magical; it's like another world...

Right after using the Fullskin, at the end of the session I apply an oil that maximises the analgesic potential and the drainage effect of the machine.’’

Comments recorded by Orméa Conseil Gilles Chaufferin, on 22/07/2013

Ms Muriel Pecqueur
Physiotherapist at the Union Clinic, Toulouse

‘‘I have been using the Fullskin for several months, mainly on scar tissue and for post-operative cases. For example, after thyroid surgery or post-traumatic maxillo-facial surgery, the Fullskin and the Joyskin can be used to treat adhesions caused by the surgery, at the level of the scar tissue.

In just a few sessions, swallowing discomfort is eliminated and patients recover facial mobility thanks to the removal of adhesions and oedemas. There is a significant impact on the quality of life of patients, who can eat, drink, and swallow normally all day long, with no more facial discomfort.

The contribution of the Fullskin is essential for this type of scar tissue, because they are scars that I could never have treated manually.’’

Comments recorded by Orméa Conseil Gilles Chaufferin, on 17/07/2013

Mr Sébastien Travers
Physiotherapist at the Union Clinic, Toulouse

‘‘I have been using the Skinexians V6 machine for several months, mainly on post-operative scar tissue, and usually after foot realignment operations.

The advantage of this tool is that the patient recovers some flexibility right from the first session, with immediate improvement in terms of pain. After five or six sessions, the joint becomes very mobile and oedemas disappear thanks to the drainage that the tool facilitates. I also use the machine on the arch of the foot. The motorised head helps with foot relax and allows the patient to adopt a normal gait once again.

Because the scar tissue is often painful and swollen, manual treatment would be out of the question since the patient would not be able to bear the scar being touched. The Skinexians tool operating in suction mode with a special head is the only possible, and the only efficacious, strategy for this type of scar.’’

Comments recorded by Orméa Conseil Gilles Chaufferin, on 17/07/2013



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